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Are you looking for international wrap products available in NZ? We have what you need here at PTL Packaging. Our international wrapping products are high-quality and affordable, plus delivery is available in Auckland and elsewhere in the country.

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The international wrapping products that we offer will protect your items whether you are shipping them across New Zealand or internationally.

Furthermore, we provide international wrapping in any quantity whether you are a business or private customer. Our prices are affordable too.

The customers who use our plastic wrap range of products come from all over NZ. They include:

  • Residential customers who are moving to a new home
  • Business customers who are moving premises or who need to ship parts, components, equipment, or products
  • Shipping companies that offer a pre-packing service
  • Warehousing and storage companies

You can place an order for international wrapping here on our website.

If you have a query, please contact us on 021 999 065.

How Our International Wrapping Protects Your Items

Our international plastic wrap is a specialised wrapping material available throughout NZ. It will give your goods, components, or belongings the ultimate level of protection during transportation, storage, or both.

In fact, our international wrapping is up to four times stronger than standard wrapping materials

It gets its strength from its three-layer design and construction:

  • The layer closest to your products or belongings is non-abrasive and breathable.
  • The second layer is bubble wrap to add cushioning, protecting your items from bumps and impacts.
  • The final material protects the two layers below it. It is strong and is resistant to rubbing or tearing, i.e. the type of things that products or belongings go through when being transported to another country. The final material is also highly durable.
  • In addition, the international plastic wrap products we supply across NZ are wax-free. This makes them suitable for furniture and other items made from leather as well as highly polished goods or belongings.

So, to protect your items from scratches, dents, and other types of mark during shipping or storage, use our international wrapping. It is a plastic wrap with a difference that is suitable for almost all items, including items of any size, whether you are shipping the item here in NZ or anywhere else in the world.

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Why Choose Us for International Wrapping?

  • We offer high-quality international wrapping products that offer maximum protection for the items you are shipping
  • Our knowledgeable team can give you expert advice if required
  • We are professional and friendly
  • We specialise in packing supplies and have an unrivalled level of knowledge
  • Our range includes only the best products
  • We offer delivery anywhere in New Zealand
  • Our prices are competitive, particularly when you consider this is a high specification, premium product

Order Now for the Best Products and Service

You can order international plastic wrap with delivery wherever you are in NZ right here on our website.

If you have a query about our products or about anything else, please contact us today on 021 999 065.

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