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Are you looking for die cut boxes in NZ? At PTL Packaging, we are a leading supplier of packing and moving supplies. This include die cut boxes in a range of different shapes, sizes, and configurations.

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All our die cut boxes are made from high-quality materials and they are supplied to you packed flat. You then use the special design features of the die cut box to assemble and lock/close without the need for tape or staples.

At PTL Packaging, you will also get the best quality service as well as competitive prices. Browse our range of die cut boxes now.

What Are Die Cut Boxes?

Die cut boxes are very popular throughout NZ because of their unique and user-friendly design.

This design doesn’t include tape, staples, or glue as our die cut boxes don’t need any of these things to put together or to close. In fact, they don’t need anything.

Instead, you use the special design of the box to interlock each of the panels. After you have filled it, you then use the self-locking feature of your selected box to close or to seal it.

To find out more about the die cut boxes that we supply across NZ, please contact us today on 021 999 065. You can also buy the boxes in our range directly from our website.

Boxes NZ

We offer multiple styles and shapes of die cut box. This ensures you can get the best box for your needs whenever you are moving to a new home.

In addition, if you are a business, our boxes have all the features you require too

The styles and options that we have in our boxes range include:

  • Archive boxes suitable for a range of different items from paperwork to kitchen utensils to ornaments and more
  • Book and wine boxes suitable for transporting books, wine, or bottles similar to wine bottles
  • Crystal boxes featuring bubble wrap for maximum protection. The bubble wrap feature of the box provides cushioning for the items you place inside.
  • Port-a-Robe boxes which make it easy to transport your clothing. Simply take your clothes on hangers from your wardrobe and hang them on the rail in the Port-a-Robe box. This is the quickest and easiest way to transport your clothes at once.
  • Tea chests which are both large and strong. This ensures you can pack what you need while having peace of mind the box is sturdy and will protect your items during transport and/or storage.

Choose Us for All Your Box Needs

We have the boxes you need here at PTL Packaging. All our boxes are designed to be suitable for the home moving industry. Therefore, you can expect the products in our range to be tough and durable.

When you come to us for die cut boxes in NZ, you’ll also get an excellent standard of service and competitive prices. Browse the range now or call us on 021 999 065 if you have a query. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be more than happy to help.

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